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5 Tips: Save money when booking your holiday with kids

Your family holiday is probably not cheap, we can assume it will be more expensive than the trips you made with only the two of you. The first 4 to 5 year, before the kids go to school, you can skip the peak seasons. When they do go to school, the cost of your family trip will even become higher.. 

#1 Book your trip months in advance or last minute

Both will give you a discount. When booking way ahead you will probably receive some kind of early bird discount.The second option, booking last minute, will be cheaper as well. The only down side is your options will be limited as well. If you have quite a wish list on your location, accommodation and so on, don’t hesitate to book months in advance to be sure you have the discount as well as the trip which meets all your wishes.

#2 Subscribe to newsletters

Touroperators, travel agencies and airlines publish their discounts and lowest rates always on their own websites. By subscribing to their newsletters you will be the first to know. Make sure you like their Facebook pages as well, as social media is also a channel through which discounts are published. Next to that, don’t forget to like Facebook pages of well know discounters as Holiday Guru and Ticketspy. They both offer very cheap city trips, flight and all inclusive package deals.

#3 Check paying for double costs

As a holiday with kids is expensive, don’t forget to check if you aren’t paying twice! When booking a trip make sure you check your insurance. Lots of creditcards offer a free damage insurance for a rental car, no need to have any extra insurance. Medical cost made abroad during your holiday, could be covered in your health insurance, if so, don’t pay for these cost in your travel insurance as well.

#4 Compare prices

Comparing prices is always interesting. Pricing of accommodation can differ considerably per travel agent/booking engine. Before you book through a travel agent or booking engine, check what the rates are if you book the accommodation directly.

#5 Delete cookies

More and more websites follow your search behavior using cookies. Because of this there is a possibility you see higher prices after visiting the website several times, than your neighbour will when he visits the website for the first time. Make sure you always delete your cookies every now and then to make sure you see the lowest rates as well. Not such an IT pro? Read here how your cookies can be deleted.

I hope these tips wil help you to make savings on your next holiday with kids! Do you have any tips on savings? Please leave them in the comments..


Holiday with kids: Samui Airport Holiday with kids: Samui Airport[/caption]

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